Tuesday, November 21, 2006


sitting here with a VERY awake baby in my lap. he took a power nap on daddy's shoulder about 8 and by george he's not ready for bed! *sigh*
FIL made it in safe tonight and C is going with him to the dr tomorrow. he wants to be there in case he needs help. he worked on his schoolwork for me tonight so he'd not be behind.

*G is fascinated with the red light under my mouse*

I got G a new mobile today! I couldnt resist! I took his swing and his old mobile to the cosignment store today and she still had the Nemo one I'd seen in there last week, so I got it. it can transistion out of mobile too, so it'll last a long time! he loves it as well.
hes nursing again and sleepy finally. hope he sleeps well tonight.made a list of stuff to get done tomorrow for T-day.

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