Monday, November 13, 2006

baby stuff

must document that he sleeps through the night more than he gets up now! he may get up once or twice a week now and the rest is sweet bliss. watch me get used to that and then get suckered. LOL

Garrett woke with a snotty nose yesterday. :( I know its from being out in the cold so much on Saturday too. I had to suction his nose yesterday morning (yeah, that was a real hit) and this morning Gavin keeps hollering to me "baby's got a snotty nose, Momma!". Thankfully its not disturbing his sleep, maybe cause he sleeps on his tummy. don't know, but I'm glad!

he's getting better at going forward on his hands and knees! (*faint*) if he concentrates he can go forward, if not, he'll go backwards. LOL

and I officially put in his convertible carseat in the van. *sniff* he just really doesn't like the carrier anymore, plus they just don't have the padding a bigger baby needs, so I put in his Alpha Omega yesterday. he's yet to ride in it, so we'll see how he does. with the carrier he'd gotten to where he'd stiffen up and try to just slide right out of it as soon as we'd sit him in it, plus all the hollering and carrying on. LOL so hopefully he wont raise such a stink about this one. course it'll be making whole other new obstacles while out and about. Luckily he can sit up well enough on his own that he can be in a restaurant high chair and I've got a shopping cart cover and a carrier for when we go shopping, plus the stroller (but he's still not much on a stroller unless its constantly moving). but we'll make it! it CAN be done! LOL!
and weighed him today and he's 19 lbs. told him I didn't think we'd have a turkey as big as he is for Thanksgiving! LOL

oh, he's also not supplementing right now. well, really for like a week. he's gotten to the point that nursing is all he needs (except for the applesauce I give him once a day). so that's pretty cool with me! we've still got 2 or 3 cans of Good Start left, but I'm saving it cause it may still be needed.
I also dug out the sippy tops for his 4 oz Avents yesterday. I gotta buy some new ones though. :P figured might as well get those out since he's not supplementing like he was so will give him time to get used to using it.

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