Friday, November 24, 2006

family night

we watched MI3 tonight. good movie, don't know why it didn't get better ratings.  we'll try to watch over the hedge tomorrow. C has seen it at the drive-in and is just itching to see it again! (and I've been warning him about telling me about it. LOL! )

got tickled at Garrett tonight. while watching the movie, he had been sitting in front of me playing, then decided he wanted to lay down (his way of telling me is to keep tossing himself backwards onto his pillow), so I put him over on his belly to play. I continued to watch the movie and when I looked to him, he was across the room-going into the hall to the kids rooms.  he was facing us though, he'd rolled and crawled all the way over there! FIL asked who put him there. LOL! course we started talking to him and he got mad cause we were *waaaaaaaaaaay* over there. LOL silly kid!
so then I brought him back and let him play at the mattress like he did last night. he really enjoys that. don't know what we'll do when we put the mattress up and he doesn't have that to lean on and stand.  its the perfect height for him. course I tried putting him in the saucer and he got mad.  rotten. yep. rotten.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I appreciate your belly pics from your pgs. I am pg with 4th and am 8 weeks and showing! I was so glad to see someone else like that. I am a medium build so it really helped. I was feeling fat already! Ha ha.
in Christ's love,

Mama Gina said...

LOL! I've gotten used to the fact that I'll *look* pregnant from the time the stick tells me I am. :)
Best wishes for a great pg!!