Sunday, May 21, 2006

the shower and plugs falling

Sorry its taken me so long to get back on here, just now getting the time or energy. LOL!
yesterday was great! we do realize though that we should have started earlier yesterday. LOL! mom and I were still working on stuff when people started coming in. oops! it was cool though cause it was family so they helped out with the last minute stuff.
The shower was so fun, my crazy aunt and cousin know how to liven up a place which in turn livens up mom and I, so we were laughing so hard my tummy was hurting and mom nearly peed on herself at one point.
I'm not sure how long it lasted, I think about 8 possibly but people hung around for a long time to yak and eat and all that good stuff.
I didnt leave with the kids until after 10 (dh left about half hour earlier) and I got in bed at 11:30.
I was SO sore and tired! the first time I woke to pee, I didnt know if I'd make it cause I had to go so bad, but couldnt move that fast.
I'm better today though, just taking it easy after church, doing a lot of sitting!
I have tons of pics to post, not all that were taken though, there were over 100, so I tried to pick the best ones or the funniest ones. LOL! plus pics of all the gifts I got last night and also today at church!

In some great pg body news though, I started to lose my mucous plug today! been having a few contrax off and on as usual, but nothing to get me as excited as seeing that nasty plug stuff.

also, I have to give thanks to my church members. we werent going to be able to send the kids to church camp this June for the first time since they started going. just didnt have the money at all. the church asked us if we needed help and I said yes, but then felt guilty about it cause we couldnt help at all with it. we had like $6 to put towards thier camp fund. (the cost is $110 per child). so I wasnt going to let them go. then with Canaan so upset about it, I was going to let him go, but keep Katlyn home since she hadnt really said anything. so today Pastor Toby talked to us (the youth pastor) and I told him what I'd planned and he said "nope, they're both paid for! of course they both want to go!" which Katlyn was nodding her head vigorously to! Canaan was jumping around he was so excited! I'm just touched and humbled by it. we've always been able to pull out some way to get them to camp and this year just wasnt coming together. they are SO happy now!

also, thanks to a "little blessing" I received from a friend, I stopped today at the store and did their 5 family packs for 19.99 which I was able to get 2 big boxes of breakfast TN Pride sausage biscuits, a huge box of corndogs, a family pack of ribeye steaks and sirloins! awesome deals! Thank you!

tons of new pics in the flickr account, go check them all out!! :D

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That whole entry is just awesome.