Tuesday, May 02, 2006

no worries, still here!

slept pretty much like crap last night.  up to pee a lot and got woke up by a few cramps. only a couple were painful enough to draw my legs up, the others I just woke up to.
and ok, no more pink! as of now and through the night.
I think I'll have to demote dh to weekend nookie for a couple more weeks.  he thinks I'm an Indian giver. LOL!
today I'm going to work on getting the bassinette together.  why not, huh? that way I can look at it sitting empty for the next 6 weeks. ;)
my next OB is on the 9th (next Tuesday), so I'll tell dr. p about yesterday and if I have any more days like that. he'll probably fuss cause I didn't go in for a check. I just wasn't worried about it though. there were a few that radiated down my legs and around my back. those are likely the ones that caused the spotting.
today I'm sure will be normal. its raining out there and blah again. pooh. at least dh had a sunny day yesterday to take off.

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