Saturday, May 20, 2006

go team!

Canaan's team won their game last night! it was a skunk of 12-1! more ice cream! C played first base tonight and dh said he did a great job 'gloving'.

his poison ivy is so-so. what's on his right forearm is clearing up easily. what's on his cheek is kinda iffy. we also found possible spots on his tummy and on his lower spine. not sure about his back, it *could* be heat rash, but I medicated it, JIC. I am kinda worried about the one on his face, it streaks across his cheekbone. at first we thought he'd been smacked by a branch, but its welped up and no scratch is there, plus a new spot has appeared under it. I cover it wtih gauze at night so he wont mess with it in his sleep (do the same to his arm through the day). he looks like he's been in a fight.

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