Tuesday, May 09, 2006

35 weeks appt

I'm + 1 lb, BP 110/58
baby is vertex at -3 station and measuring 35 cm (35 weeks)
and I'm 2 cm dilated!
no real effacement yet, but no biggie!
Dr said to wait at least 10 more days and then they'd let labor progress without intervention. Don't think that'll be a problem, sure I've got plenty of time left!
I didn't get pre-registered at the hospital today. seems everyone and their brother were there to pre-reg for something and I didn't want to wait that long. I'll try again after my next appt (May 23rd).
I did get to have lunch with dh again today! we had Mexican *yum!*. I only got one soft shell taco and my DP though. he looked at me funny. LOL! where can I put anymore? that stuffed me as it was!
I think he's kinda freaked that its so soon to baby time. I told him the news and that after 10 days we can go ahead and he kinda "you got at least 3 weeks!"

in other pg news, my SIL found out she went from basically no progress last week to 75% and 3 cm yesterday! she's due June 5th, so she's got the go ahead to let labor progress and looks like it wont be long now! I'll have my first nephew soon!

I'm waiting on the appraiser to get here now... been waiting for about 2 hours. we got the house straightened up and I put together our family page for the homeschool yearbook in that time. gotta turn it in tonight, nothing like last minute. LOL!

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