Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ho hum

still here of course!
nothing special at the appt except the weight gain! I'm still the same as I have been the last couple weeks internally, with just a bit more thinning (30%) and baby is measurng at 37 weeks so that makes me feel good. BP was 116/60 and weight gain was 7 lbs in one week! can we say OMGosh!!!!! I've gained more in the past two appts than I had over the previous 3+ months! : no wonder my legs hurt so bad.
so I seen a new dr today, she's new to the practice, but very nice. she did strip my membranes for me, but dont know if it'll do much good since I'm only about 2 cm. dang it.
so I go back next week on tuesday, Katlyn's bday! I see dr. phillips that day and hopefully he'll go ahead and send me in. we'll be celebrating K's bday this saturday at pizza hut, her bday is tuesday-along with my appt that morning. I'm hoping that dr. P will strip the membranes once again, then let me come in the next morning (the 7th). I'd rather not deliver on K's bday. then they leave for Camp on the 8th-11th, so it's like a time thing now. *sigh*

Tasha is still pg, but the dr. told her if she'd not gone by this weekend she can come on in and he'd pop her water and they'd get things going. so she's figuring on going in on saturday night/afternoon . it's going to be an interesting few days here.

and the dr said that once I deliver, they'll see about getting me a shot to clear up the poison ivy (that seems to be spreading ) to clear it up quicker.

I stopped at walmart to get the rest of the material to finish K's blanket for her bday...nothing like waiting til the last minute huh?


Bekki said...

Would you please hurry up and have this baby so I have some exciting news to read...and cute baby photos to look at? Pretty Please???

Mama Gina said...

I'm tryin, I'm tryin! :)
Canaan keeps asking if I'm ready to push. LOL!