Friday, May 05, 2006

plaly ball!

had C's ballgame tonight! they won!! final score 14-3 against the next hardest team right now. WTG boys! Canaan scored 4 outs while in outfield and 4 runs (out of 5) while batting. he didnt get home the first time before the 3rd out was made. he made some awesome plays, including when he stole 2nd once which was really close! need to teach that boy to run faster! he played shortstop and first base tonight. I was on the phone with dh for most of the game giving him a play by play. LOL!

afterwards we met my mom and stepdad in town cause they came in to eat. they had mexican. I really shouldnt have had anything. I got some bean/cheese dip and ate some of gavin's rice and had water. I'm so stuffed. dang my stubborn "this tastes so good" self! ugh!

the only thing I have planned for tomorrow is a sonic shop from 5-8pm. they had me from 8-close again but I asked for a change. good grief people! I've had offers for other shops, namely for BP. they pay ok and arent hard to do, mostly filling out forms and taking pics, but they take at least an hour and I wouldnt get the paperwork for about 2 weeks. I dont think now is the time to take a shop that I have to put off for a couple weeks! no biggie, and they understood.

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