Friday, May 26, 2006


well, we made it through the night. I slept pretty well, but noticed every time I woke, I was having a contrax. so I've pretty much been contracting since yesterday morning. I know its not that I'm not drinking enough water, cause I've had to have downed a gallon just yesterday and I know its not from not resting cause I was dang lazy yesterday!
but I don't know if anything at all is going on in there! no more mucous plug, no 'show', no nothing to make me think that I should be prepared for this weekend. : rather aggravating actually!
most of them are ranging @ 6 minutes apart, but they will puter off to space out longer sometimes. some are mildly annoying and others make me want to holler for the epi cart!
BP was great this morning when I got up, 104/66.
can I go have this baby now?

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