Thursday, May 25, 2006

BP update

the dr. just wants me to be 'lazy' today and keep my feet up or lay down when I can. said my BP, though it is high for me, is w/in normal range but to call back if the top gets to 150 again or the bottom to 90. just took it after getting up, the first reading was wonked and freaked me out cause it said 193/116! LOL! I took it immediately again on the other arm and it read 121/72. *whew!*
I'm still not feeling 'normal' though. everything is still tingling, though my hands arent swelled-but my fingers are still puffy enough that I cant get those 2 rings off. feet are still puffy and I've not done squat today. plus my eyes are once again puffy. this is even with those slightly above normal readings. ugh.
my contrax did calm down while I was sleeping, but are starting back up now since I've been awake.
dang it, I told Dr. C to do something this week!

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