Monday, May 22, 2006

old friends!

I have some very awesome news about a friend of mine who called today. some of you will remember the past year, I wanted to find a friend I'd gone to high school with. my best friend for so long and we'd lost touch and I didn't know how to find her.
well, she called me today!!!!  we talked for 2 hours!  the bestest most fantastical part of it is that now she's saved and have given her life to God and is on fire for Him!!!  she is a total 180 of the girl I seen last time and was SO worried about! she told me at one point that she knew I'd been praying for her cause of things that had come about and the way things happened.  made me feel so wonderful to know those prayers I've said over the last few years really did manifest!
we talked about so much and I got to tell my mom tonight too. it was just such a blessing to know she's finally found peace in her life and is sharing her joy! she was always a happy personality person, just makes you want to smile.  she said she never knew what to smile for before hand, but now she does! I'm so happy for her! I even know how to find her cause she lives in the house she grew up in now! I cant wait to see pics of her, her two kids, new hubby of 2 years and her 2 step kids!
so it was an awesome night!!

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