Thursday, May 04, 2006

full day!

I'm tired, but not hurting like I was last night. LOL! we got a LOT done today as well. the house looks so awesome (well, most parts LOL). I love my carpets! they look great! my mom is so cool!!
so recap of the day after getting off here (be ready for a lot of blabbing LOL).
breakfast then school started, worked on finding an affordable pest control to come out. Found one finally after about 10 calls that'll do everything, from the crawl space to the inside/outside, perimeter and inside walls for $110. they'll be here on monday!

mom got here right about lunch and so I fixed grilled chicken sandwiches for us and the kids and she started in on the bathroom. she cleaned behind our potty (our bathroom is carpeted and I have nothing to deep clean behind the potty. ). I looks so good now! while in the area, she also started on my potty. LOL! we have terrible calcium buildup in the bowls and she dumped a bunch of CLR in there and after soaking and scraping it looks like new! (Gavin later said "Mommy's toilet water is white!" ). while she was doing all that, I'd already started on cleaning the shower in our bath and the tub in the kids bath. also got all the sinks and counters cleaned.

while pottys were soaking, mom started in on K's room after the kids moved out all the moveable stuff (toyboxes/toy shelves, etc). I started in on dusting all the high areas in the house (cobwebs in the corners and all that) through the whole house. after that I got the vacuum and worked on the central air system, cleaning off the front of the thing where all the dust tends to collect, then the inside by taking out the filters and getting those clean, then while I was in there, vacuumed the whole inside of the walled area I could reach. LOL! then while in the same area, vacuumed all the nooks and crannies of the floor in the utility room.

after K's room, mom worked on the pottys some more (I was still working on the vacuuming) and the kids got the moveable stuff out of the boys room. then got the boys carpet done and while she was in there, she dusted the whole kids entertainment center. LOL!

the boys carpet was pretty dirty cause that's where they hang out mostly, in their recliner in front of that tv. they tend to sneak food and drinks in there which get spilled so it was needing of a cleaning!!

in the midst of all that, I found thousands of ants outside the window. argh!! they're traveling round the track of the window and stuff. I got out some bleach water and sprayed all around the inside and mom took the hose outside and sprayed out the window. sure it wont get rid of them, but it'll discourage them a bit. grrrrrr!

after all that it was about 4:30 and daddy was on his way home. mom was done so she headed out and the kids and I headed in town to meet him at Captain Ds for dinner (kids eat for .99 on Thursdays)

while there I noticed a LOT of people were staring at us. I dont know if its cause they'd not seen a 'big' family (and expecting) for a long time, or if they kept expecting the kids to get hairy and wild or what. who knows! we did get compliments on the kids though from some older patrons that were leaving. and another asked if they could take two of the kids home. LOL!
also while there, C and I were getting our food up front and the lady ordering turned and asked "Oh, how much longer do you have?" and I happily said 5 weeks (I always like rounding down. LOL!!) and she kinda "5 weeks?!" and looked at my belly and didnt say anything else (she turned to talk to her two kids). so dont know if that was good or bad. she'd have no right to talk cause she was bigger than I am now and not pg. so who cares either way. LOL!
the ladies at Captain Ds are excited for the baby to come. every time we go in they ask 'how much longer' and if we have names (grrrrrrr! LOL) and I found that one of them is expecting, again in December! she has a 4 month old now. my hero!

so after we came home, I got the sewing bug in full force and started in on ALL the stuff that's been sitting on my sewing table. included 2 power ranger suits, one spiderman suit, 1 pair of jeans, 1 dress, 1 crib bedskirt, 1 shirt (shortened both sleeves), and one fitted bed sheet (needed new elastic). now my table is cleared of projects (except for Ks birthday blanket) and I'm feeling good!

I also moved my extra computer chair in to my craft area and I'll use that as a nursing chair when baby gets here and its a lot more comfy than the hard kitchen chair that I was using!

didnt get to watch Survivor or CSI, but I got to hear them. SO glad Shane finally got kicked off!!!! geez!! he was such a fruitloop!!

oh, dh also put up the new TP holder in our bathroom!! I'm so happy!! since we moved in we've had a wooden TP holder that has a little cabinet under it to hold more tp. a couple years ago I bought a new TP holder that matches the towel rack and faucets (silver with white ceramic wall mounts-kinda old fashioned looking). so the holder has jsut been sitting in the box... waiting. I got it out and asked oh so sweetly to please have it done before he left this weekend. hehe! my wonderful hubby got it done in a jiff after we got home. love that man!

he is going out of town in the morning too. probably be gone till sunday. so no nookie til he gets back. LOL! (he'll be about 3 hours away).

the kids are sleeping in the living room tonight cause the queen size mattress that we usually keep against the wall at the end of the bunks in their room is still in the floor in front of the tv. so they wanted a 'camp out' tonight. I just hope they all sleep! LOL!

tomorrow will probably not be yard sales cause rain is supposed to be a wash out. still gotta go in town though to do the basics. C is supposed to have a ball game tomorrow too, but that 'probably' wont happen. will have to see tomorrow.

baby has been active, but mostly in the pushing stage now. every now and then I'll still get kicks and punches, but its been a lot of sticking out arms or legs and a foot trying to get comfy in there.

OH, and I was informed today while answering a question to K about the baby... I had called the baby "he" and she stopped me and said "its a girl mom." LOL! so I corrected "the baby...". even C is now starting again on hoping we're surprised with a girl at the birth. me oh my.

if you got through all that, well, bless you and I hope you're a fast reader!! LOL!!

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