Tuesday, May 23, 2006

dr. appt

no big news at the dr, except the weight gain. it all goes like this:
weight +4 lbs ( some of that IS from swelling cause I've noticed a big change in my legs later in the day, but still! ugh), BP 117/72, which is actually up a bit for me. forgot to ask the fundal height today but Dr. C said I was basically the same as I was 2 weeks ago, with no big change. he wouldn't sweep my membranes cause he thinks "its a bit early yet".
I go back next Wednesday, don't know who I'm seeing, they didn't circle it on the card, so maybe then.

anyhoo, after getting home, I stopped at the consignment stores and found some deals!! I got a Tiny Love classical music mobile. will take a pic, but I wanted one of these with Hunter and couldn't afford it and since I didn't get the other mobile, I got this one, for $10!
then stopped at the other consignment store and finally found a PNP with the bassinette and change table by evenflo for $40. my mom is giving me the money to reimburse that. I'm so tickled!

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