Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a great day, no matter what you did! we had rain off and on for the first half, but no biggie with the big ol' carport/porch we have, so everyone stayed dry.
me, C, K and H went to church this morning. Gavin woke with a low fever and sore throat, so he stayed here with daddy. I got a bunch of 'how much longer?' today, hehe! I was glad to be able to say "I'm 9 months now, so whenever baby is ready!" WOO! that sounds so awesome! people were happy and saying 'today would be a great day to go!' LOL!
I got a bunch of flowers today, a handmade necklace from Hunter's sunday school. the older kids didnt get to go to the store today to get me anything (they really wanted to) so they were sad about that. (the store is a place in the sunday school where they can go to 'spend' the points they accumulate in sunday school. has lots of great stuff. )
came home afterwards and dh had already started on the grill so mom and I jumped right in to get all the other stuff prepared.
we ended up having grilled steaks, hamburgers, chicken breasts, hot dogs, brautz (sp?), green beans, macaroni, boiled taters, salad, biscuits and cresent rolls. for dessert we had a triple chocolate creme pie!
after stuffing ourselves ( LOL) mom and I sat down to make a list of baby shower stuff! it looks like it'll be fun and not terribly long. (my SIL's shower was over 4 hours! ) mine wont start til 5 on this coming saturday, so we're going for no more than 2 hours, which I think is fine. we're not doing a lot of sit-games, this is what we'll have:
  1. Dont say baby
  2. baby ice cubes (my water broke)
  3. how big is mom's belly
  4. who has the dirty diaper
  5. guess the # of candy in the baby bottle
  6. what's mom wearing (I'll leave the room before this is announced)
  7. baby word find
so most of those will be throughout the time we're there and only the scrabble and what I'm wearing will be sit down games.

for foods, so far we've decided on chicken salad w/ fruit with ritz crackers, chips & salsa, sour cream/ranch dip, a huge fruit and veggie tray set up, some sherbert punch, sweet tea, water, etc (I cant stand to only have punch to drink!) and we're also going to make fruit/veggie shish-ka-bobs and veggie roll ups for dipping.

I'm taking over my kids birthday scrapbook and thier personal baby pic photo albums to have on display and share. love to show off my babies!

I'm going to make a mini diaper cake as a centerpiece too.
I picked blue and green balloons, mom has a pretty white table cloth for the table and mom's going to make the cake. if she makes it how she wants, its going to be a HOOT!! she's going to try a pg belly cake with the round cake pan as the belly, a smaller round pan as the head and two cupcakes as the boobs!!! hilarious!!!!!! I told her the older church ladies may do a little eye-bugging at that!

it sounds like a LOT of ladies will be there! which really surprises me, cause I figured I'd be good to have 6 people there. LOL! the only bad thing is that its set up the last day of the Strawberry Festival of the town next to us (where we go to church), so some of the younger gals may not come cause of that. no biggie though, I'm just looking forward to the fun!

so now I'm really excited about it all! been a LONG time since I had a shower. LOL!
our only other worry is if SIL will be there! she's not been feeling well all day, tummy ache, cramps and all that, just like she was when she was having prelabor pains. my brother came out for a while today and said she was trying to lay down and rest, but he was worried about her. its not going to be long at all!! we're betting she goes this week!

now for the rest of my moms day stuff, the big boys got out and mowed the yard and after mom and I brainstormed on the shower, we decided to get the prybars and hammer and go out front and tear apart this terrible/falling apart piece of junk "porch" that's been at our front door way too long! the wood had rotted and nailheads were up and just really awful! dh hasnt had time to take it apart and stuff, so we decided to do the job! we got all the rotted wood off, all the nails out and cleaned up! the frame work is fine, just needs pressure treated wood as a base and new rails. we were so proud of ourselves. hehe! we did have minor injuries from it though LOL! I got a bruised fingertip, a scratch on a knuckle and a blood blister. LOL! oh, the aches of a working woman. LOL! he was tickled we did it though, even after the 'what are you doing' looks he sent our way when he'd pass by on the mower.

then mom decided she wanted to trim up some of my trees/shrubs! that woman loves anything that grows. LOL! she got my hedge clippers out and trimmed several trees, yucca bushes, dead-headed irises for me, pruned bushes back and in the process found some poison oak. yep! she was clearing out around a group of trees that have wild bushes growing at the bottom and pulled out a big vine of stuff. looked at it and said 'ya know, I think this might be... hmmm... it could be... ' I seen it and said 'that's poison oak or poison sumac!' (and backed away LOL) well, turns out she'd already pulled out a shorter vine of it (K and G were loading up all the brush clippings in the wagon to take down to the brush pile). so she took care of that since she's not allergic and I also found it growing in another shrub close by that one.
she's coming later this week and will get out the push mower and clean out all that stuff! what would I do without my momma? LOL!
after that it was around 7:30 so we went in so we could scrub/wash up really well! I hope none of that stuff spreads! we even stuck our jackets in the wash.

before everyone went outside though, dh gave mom and I mother's day cards. they're so pretty! he always picks the nicest ones! the funniest part was after he gave me my card, i had my arm wrapped around his leg (he was standing beside where I was sitting), and he took my hand and put it at his front pocket. I thought he was trying to be kinky, LOL, but turns out he had a gift for me!

isnt it adorable?! that's on my right pinkie finger cause I need to get it resized for my left middle finger. and its two ruby hearts in case you cant tell well enough. I'm not a big jewelry person, so I rarely ask for it, he usually surprises me with stuff! love that man!! so I'm counting this as a mom's day/push present gift! hehe! he got a tickle out of that!

so yes, we've had a great day! Katlyn went home with mom, took her books so she could get some more work done tomorrow.
mom and I will go shopping at some point this week for the party favors, prizes and stuff.

OH, forgot to tell that C and K both won a trip with the lead sunday school teachers to Nashville at the Rainforest Cafe! it'll be them and four other students that go, all paid for by the church! I know they'll love it, I remember pics from when Mel and Kelly went there! they're super excited! I'm really glad they both won (it was a name drawing so the odds were really against that!).

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