Monday, May 08, 2006

the bug man sprayeth

the kids are finishing up some tests and I'm sitting after getting laundry moved over and a new load in.
bug man left earlier. he foamed inside the walls where the ants were (should have seen them racing out *shudder*) and the colony wasnt under the house, so must be out the front somewhere. he sprayed all that and all the baseboards, got behind the fridge where some regular ol' black ants had been seen a few weeks ago (before I Raided their behinds!) and set some traps in the closets to see if we have a problem with any bugs there. he also sprayed the wood in the porch roof for carpenter bees, just as a help. it wont prevent them, but will discourage. he did give some tips on getting rid of them though. I'll tell dh about that tonight. what is it with 'carpenter' everything anyway???? I'd like dh to be the only carpenter around here, thank you! sheesh!
so I took the kids in town while he sprayed and we grabbed lunch at wendys (chic nuggets for the boys) and taco bell for the rest of us. went to the park to eat and work on some school work and just enjoy the purdy day!
C has a ballgame tonight, gotta be there at 5:30. afterwards we'll take all the kids to moms.


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