Wednesday, May 10, 2006

rain, blah, food

the appraiser finally came. didn't stay long but he's got the sheet of info of all the additional changes we've made since last time, which should greatly help us out. should know in a couple days I guess how it came out.

no practice today, way too muddy out there. I'm glad though, didn't feel like going back into town. :P

I'd like to take a nap actually! thinking of making mini sausages for dinner and some mashed taters and green beans for dinner.
I wanted the left over taco bell burrito for a late lunch, but gave it up to Katlyn since she asked. I try to be nice, but dang, I was reeeeeeeeeeeeally wanting that burrito. so I ate some chips and a DP and had an icy pop. woowee, really good there. no wonder I don't gain more, I give my kids my food. LOL!

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