Tuesday, May 30, 2006

can I get any bigger?

sitting here with the keyboard pulled on my lap so my feet can rest on another chair. makes it easy to see baby bopping about in my tummy (he must have either liked the mexican lunch or the vanilla ice cream I just had. )
we met dh in town for lunch, like I said, we had mexican. had to bring some home cause no way I can finish stuff these days. tried to get his prescription filled, but they wont do it til he comes back in for a checkup. so whenever baby pops, he'll do it then so hewont have to take an extra day off.
stopped and seen brother and SIL. she's at her appt now and will call me later to let me know how it goes. I think its going to be an exciting couple of weeks one way or another.
we stopped and picked up C's free ice cream for the last ballgame they won. he got me vanilla cause he says I'm such a good mommy. so I sucked that down just now. hehe!

I did my legs before going anywhere and kinda freaked out cause it left red polka dot rashes all over my legs for a while! looked terrible!!! not like my legs need any help with that right now, ugh. the color looks normal now thank goodness, but still cant get in the pool, unless I want the razor burn from hell to show up!
and of course I've got to whine. I had to dig out the big ol' roomy ugly shoes to wear in town and even with wearing those, the impressions are still on my feet after they've been off for about 45 minutes. for some reason, the muscle that runs up my left leg on my shin is SO painful. this is part of what was hurting last night, its at it again now. I cant see anything, so its inside stuff and it HURTS. I don't see how I could go til the 11th at this rate or even close to it, I'd not be walking by then if this past week is any indication. this is getting ridiculous. I pray the dr agrees to something tomorrow.
also been having an odd pain in my right side, not round ligaments and not appendix (don't have one of those) its farther down in my pelvic cavity, but is just a shooting pain. who knows! probably my butt going to swell up next.


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