Friday, November 23, 2007

who's a nut? I'm a nut!

so I was one of the nuts out at 5 this morning. actually, I woke up to pee at 5 and it started my brain to thinking "gee, if I dont at least TRY to get some good deals, I'll be upset with myself." so I was in the next city by 6. yeah, I knew I said I'd not go. like I said, I'm a NUT! LOL!
so I swung by TRU cause they had a $10 MP3 player I wanted to check out. no luck of course and the lines were CRAZY. seriously, every single checkout line was backed up all the way to the back of the store! needless to say I didnt buy anything from there!
so then I went to best buy. I wanted that Nintendo DS bundle pack. when I got there I had to wait in line to get in! there were only about 25 people waiting, but they'd only let them in a few at a time as some people left the store. it wasnt so bad, I think I waited like 10 minutes.
so I get in the store to find out the bundle packs are a ticketed item and there were no tickets left, of course (this at 6:20 am), so I just got K a pink DS and we'll get games as we can and when dh gets his bonus. also went ahead and got another MP3 player, just like the black one I got C last week, only this one is red, for $35! (wish I'd known for sure they'd have it today or I'd have waited.) so I got that one for Gavin and will let dh take the CD player I'd originally gotten him (dh wants to take his language CDs with him while he's out of town). so Gavin will be super excited about that and I wont have to burn off CDs all the time. got 2 yr coverage on both items there.

after that, headed back to my town, stopped at hardees for breakfast and then to walmart. it was after 7 by now (yeah, got through best buy really quick, even checkout!) and walmart was a breeze! course they didnt have the transformers I was hoping to scope out, but did get a DS protector pack for K's gift (screen protectors, etc. for $7), a new DUO card for C's PSP for $20 and some stocking stuffers for the kids and found they had Corelle on sale for $17! so I bought a box of that that goes well with the one 4 pc set I already have. (I also have a set of stoneware, but its history now, read on).

so finally headed home after waiting for the bank to open at 8:30. I was SO tired, but I've not napped today and am quickly heading to bed in a bit LOL!

so after I get home, dh and C head in to town cause he wants to see what Lowe's has going on. he didnt find anything though and they were back later with nothing (imagine that!).

well, while they were out, FIL called to give me some $ for the month (woo!!!) so I had to go BACK in town after dh got home to put that in the bank (which worked out perfectly cause I thought I was going to have to pull out some of our extra cash to cover what I already bought today). while in town, I went ahead and got the grocery shopping done. BACK to walmart! LMBO!!! this time I spotted their robes they had on sale for $10. I got a pink one for K cause sh'es always stealing MY robes! and got some sharpies for C for a stocking stuffer cause he loves using those to draw with.
while I was there I ran into my brother and SIL, a homeschool friend, our renters and another friend. LOL! normally I dont see people I know!
I got home around 4:30 from that.

and get this, after I got home, dh realized he needed to go BACK in town to return a movie that was due today/yesterday (they werent open yesterday though). so of course he ended up renting a game for C and another movie (that man can spend a ton of $ at the movie store!). dinner was ham sandwiches for the boys and I snacked on summer sausage with cheese and wheat thins (as did Garrett).

I'm hoping tomorrow is boring! LMBO!!

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wow, you were busy!