Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I was ready to kick Cs butt again this morning. he has a bad habit of
waking me up before he leaves to ask if he can take his PSP to school
with him (so he can listen to music). I've told him at least 10 times
that NO, he's not taking that to school, at all! but he STILL insists on
waking me to ask! so when he's in today I'm warning him that if he asks
me once more, the PSP will be taken away for a month. cause of course I
cant get back to sleep once he wakes me up like that. little turd. I'll
let him take the MP3 player after Christmas, after all, its only about
$50 where the PSP is $150. ($50 is still a lot to me, but much more
managable if something were to happen to it.)

otherwise, boring day. I'm letting the kids play outside while its still
nice and G is finishing up his juice before he goes out. later I'll have
the kids make hand turkeys for Thursday.

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