Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm kinda bummed this morning. looks like Hunter passed on the sickies to G this weekend. he woke up having puked in the bed this morning and couldnt keep his juice down earlier, so no food/drinks for little man for a while. :-(
K and C are *supposed* to be staying with my sis tonight, but now I'm not sure. they just got over the crud (the reason why they didnt come to the weenie roast the other night) so I'd hate to send something back over to them. :-(  aggravating.

still working on getting laundry done. I slacked off on the boys things by the end of the week, so still have a LOT of their dirty stuff to get washed and summer stuff sorted out. have got all of G's stuff done though. set aside things he's outgrown or wont be able to wear next warm season and will wait on what to do with that when we find out who's growing in my belly.

my brother and SIL started moving into their new house yesterday! its really nice and I'm very happy for them! its a 3bd 2 bath brick with a good sized yard (maybe 1/4 or 1/8 an acre?) good sized LR, decent sized kitchen and a utility room and a carport. so much bigger than the place they're moving from and in wonderful condition!!. they're only repainting one room (Landon's) and the rest of the house is done in neutrals (Landon's room is a bright green right now).
makes me want to start fresh in my house!

Sonny did better last night, he only woke me twice instead of several times.  hopefully he's getting used to the place. he's resting on the table by my puter now. earlier he was on top of the dryer while I was folding clothes. he's very personable.

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