Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

hope everyone had a good day! you might as well call me a turkey, cause
I am still stuffed! I think the only bad thing about being pg during
Thanksgiving is that you cant eat as much as normal. I tried though (but
failed) but still came out glad knowing my dr appt is NOT tomorrow! I
dont think I'll weigh myself in the morning either, will save that one
for a couple days, let stuff digest. hehe!

dinner was great! its a really good thing I dont eat like that every
day! the turkey was soooooooooo juicy! gosh, I could go on about
everything, but I wont, needless to say it was all worth the work!

got pics, but havnet resized any yet. hopefully sometime tomorrow. still
not decided if I"ll go to walmart in the morning. thinking of it, but
the one deal I *really* want, I have to go to Best Buy and get. I sure
dont want to go there in the morning. I may see if the bundle I want
(Nintendo DS) I can get OL at the time. (they have the same bundle at
walmart, but at BB it also includes an extra game plus a starter kit AND
I can get the 2 yr warranty).

after getting home around 7 tonight, we watched Die Hard (the new one).
dh also rented Evan Almighty and one other movie for the weekend.

K is going to her friend Dana's tomorrow morning for the night. she's
very happy about that, been a while since she got to stay with someone.

besides my possible shopping, not sure what I'll have planned for the
day. its going to be crazy cold out though, so I know it wont be hanging
out at the pool!

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Kimmy Jones said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!