Saturday, November 03, 2007

last nights weenie roast was fun! I ate 2 or 3 hotdogs though they were all shared with G and a couple plates of chips (also shared with G) some roasted marshmallows and cookies (also all shared with G). he also ate from all the families plates and had 2 cups of diet coke (only thing close to caffeine free there) and some sunkist and half a glass of lemonade he came with. he PIGGED out!!! he ate more than me!
the kids played basketball, romped around, ate like crazy, had hot cocoa, and went on a super long hay ride. we left about 8:15 cause dh had to go to bed to be up at 3:30 this morning to go out of town til sunday evening. (boo-hiss) so all the older kids stayed with my mom while dh, me and G went home.

mom and papaw brought the kids home this morning (C stayed with them though). we had planned on going to a Veteran's Day outing they have every year, but the paper gave the wrong date (the 10th) and its actually today. so by the time they got home, it was too late. so we're just hanging out at home for the day.

G's been in fine form today. I've already had to rescue him from several situations, including getting him out from under the playdoh box he pulled down off the shelf on top of himself. I smashed my index finger moving the barstool out of the way. *ouch!!*

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