Friday, November 30, 2007

went to walmart today. I got Garrett some of that fiber stuff you mix in drinks that's tasteless. I'm going to see how that works for him cause I forget to keep stocked on wheat bread for him. *blush*
I bought the Tinkerbell wall stick ons that I promised Katlyn and will get those up this weekend some time. and of course we went in the baby section to look stuff over! didnt end up buying anything! LMBO! the sales werent good enough yet and I didnt see any pacis that I wanted (for the right price!) so we'll keep our eyes out and find something later. we did see some cute Princess fleece that would make a nice blanket though. ;)

home afterwards! I'd had a headache creep up on me during the day and was itching to just veg for a while. K went to my neighbors (she wanted to tell her friend and I got to tell Regina that she was wrong this time cause she'd guessed boy! she was VERY happy to be wrong!), G went down for a long nap and the boys watched Voltron.

dh got home around 4:30 today! he's got to do a short inspection on a job tomorrow but besides that is off for the rest of the weekend. looks like K and I will have no problem going to the ballet tomorrow night!

I'm seriously running out of room to eat. It really does amaze me at how little I can eat already! my supper was one piece of pizza, shared some jalapeño tater tots with dh and my drink. I'm usually at least a 3 pc of pizza person, plus my salad and drink! I was seriously stuffed when I got done and never ate anything else the rest of the night, just my water I'm guzzling on now.

oh, Baby girl had the hiccups this morning!!! it was so cute. I love baby hiccups. and I love feeling her little fingers tickling me on the inside. it makes me think of when I seen her on the u/s and she kept rubbing the top of her little head and wiggling her fingers as she stretched.

I also started my u/s page today. hopefully I'll get it done this weekend, but I got my diecut finished and my pics printed at least!

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