Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so I had a busy day. really just stayed busy all day. when not on here, I was finishing up all the boys laundry and have finally gotten ALL the summer stuff stashed and the tubs can go back out to the garage! took long enough! LOL! then went through sorting their drawers (Lord help me!), even did Canaan's. why is it so hard for even a 12 year old to keep the same things in one drawer? like all undies and socks in one, pjs in another, etc? I dont know how they find anything! its all sorted (for now) though.

after and in between laundry loads, I got the wood finish for the water heater closet stained and while I had the stain out, went ahead and did the kitchen window and the boys windows. they've been waiting to get stain on them for like 2 years I think. but the coolest thing is that while I was crawled up on the kitchen counter all scrunched up, Itty Bitty let me know they didnt like the cramped quarters and kicked me squarely in the gut! that was the biggest kick I"ve gotten so far!

so getting things fairly organized (but unfortunately not really cleaned up around here) Canaan gets off the bus about 4:15 to tell me that he has to build a pyramid and have it in by the morning! this falls under the category of laziness on his part. this is actually an assignment that he had and was due on the 9th!!!! the teacher being good as she is, is still letting him turn it in. of course with having only about 5 hours I had to do most of the brainstorming and work. its done though and he better not forget to take it in tomorrow! course after it was all done, he says "you need to teach me how to use all that stuff (hot glue gun, etc) and I said well if you'd give me more than a nights notice I would!
that stuff was part of a parent/kid lecture last night.

so tonight we also had the homeschool meeting in the midst of all this. we had to leave at 5:45 and got back about 9.

Garrett was a grouchy butt this afternoon, even with taking a nice long 3 hour nap today. glad to see him go to bed. LOL!

now my dad is on IM and has 4 different windows open on purpose! he's such a nut! LOL

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