Sunday, November 04, 2007

today was good. supposedly got an extra hour sleep, but no luck on that in reality. I forgot to mention that we got a new cat on friday. he's pretty dang loud at night (though the kids sleep through it) but me being inclined to wake at anything the kids do, am woken up every time he decides to start 'talking'. so I've been dang tired the past couple of days from interrupted sleep. hopefully he'll quit being so noisy before long as he gets used to the place and it'll quieten down. his name is Sonny Boy, BTW, the shelter named him. we just call him Sonny. we were going to change his name (dh suggested Fabio LOL) dont know if we actually will or not though.

dh got home this afternoon from GA.
he's working around home this week, so we'll see him every night! it'll be a nice change from the past month.

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