Thursday, November 08, 2007

barf! (literally)

ok, soooooooooooo, I spent the last almost hour in the bathroom (took a shower to hopefully help feel better, *TMI* emptied out the bottom half and just a bit ago, emptied out the top half.
if I toss my cookies its got to be bad! when the whole family was doing it last time, I was the only one not too. seriously, I've got a cast iron tummy.
not so tonight. ugh. I wonder if this is from what the kids were passing around?
DANG, yakking is so GROSS!!!
and as I was waiting for this to happen, I was talking to God saying "I know that I said I'd be happy to toss my cookies once if this is a girl, but what about just feeling like I'm going to toss my cookies???" ha, not good enough!
so I've officially barfed for the first time in a pg since Katlyn. yeeha, I feel special.  (now to get this NASTY taste out of my mouth without causing a chain reaction!!!)

1 comment:

Kimmy Jones said...

Eww...hope you get to feeling better. I'd rather have a lot of things other than barfing.