Monday, November 26, 2007

dh got the lights up outside yesterday! looks so pretty! he's back out of town this week now *pout*. it was nice having almost 5 days with him though. sure made up for not seeing him much the past month.

we've mostly hung out family wise. saturday after a short stint in town we came home and I spent a few hours cleaning out Katlyn's room. *ugh!* I took out two bags of trash and 8 bags of things to go to goodwill and a couple things I'm taking to cosignment at least. looks much better in there though, at least its walkable now!

been working on a pair of baby booties!  got the first one done except the lace and tassles, working on the 2nd one now. need to get another blunt large needle so I can sew a lot quicker than just using my smaller crochet hook to pull the yarn through on projects like these.  LOL! but it gets done and I'm tickled silly with it!! I'll post pics when I'm done.

plans for today arent much. I've got a PO shop to do at some point this week. trying to decide when I want to go.

3 days til U/S !!!!

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