Thursday, November 29, 2007

more stuff from me just chattering away!

I'm SO tired tonight! not getting much sleep last night and all the excitement of the day has left me with drooping eyelids.

when C got home I asked him if he got his note and he said his math teacher had read it (cause it wasnt folded up like I left it :hmmm: ) and she said in front of the whole class "well congratulations Canaan!" he said "why?!" "cause you've got a baby sister on the way!"
then of course questions ensued about how many brothers and sisters he had and lots of 'wha?' and 'wow!' of course. LOL! he was so happy though!
and K is still riding cloud 9. she made a little sign on my scrap desk that reads "its a girl!" and there's a post it note on my monitor here that also says "its a girl" with little hearts all over it. she is SO happy!
I got calls from my big sis, my little sis, a lady at church (who's due a month ahead of me) and someone else I guess is from church, but only seen the #, not the name. PLUS when I read my phone messages today I got a really neat call. anyone remember back at the yard sale I stopped at and the lady of twin girls gave me the maternity stuff and let me pick some girl clothes? well, she had left a message today while I was out saying she had some boys 3T stuff and wanted to know if I wanted it or someone to give away to! (yep, I'll take it for G and Landon!) so when I call her back, I'm going to mention that we found we're having a girl! maybe she still has some of those little clothes left? I only picked a few I really liked cause I didnt want to seem greedy without knowing the gender LOL!! so who knows! I'd been thinking of stopping by her house after finding out who baby is anyway, so that was just a bit on the weird side of things to get a message from her on today of all days! LMBO!

dh didnt tell FIL tonight when he talked to him (not surprised) but when I talk to him next I'll let him know. he'll probably say something like "its about time" or such. LOL

and for other news I forgot to post about the u/s:
baby girls h/b was 156bpm today. she kept her arms snuggled up about her face the entire time, we watched her wiggling her fingers and rubbing her head (so sweet!!). her little bladder was full (just like mommy!) as was her tummy.
my placenta is on my left side though, NOT anterior like I figured it must be. she's just a mellow baby, not an acrobat (yet) like her brothers have been! (its been way to long for me to remember how K was in utero). she went from head down to transverse during the u/s, though she wasnt actually awake. she pretty much slept the entire time, just wiggled around a little.
all my stats were good, no weight gain at all this month, so still a 10 lb total gain so far *whew*, BP I forgot to write down cause I was such a chatterbox after the u/s LOL, but it was something like 150's over 52 or something ? I'll have to get the # the next time I go in. it wasnt like my norm, maybe from the excitement and also me having not eaten yet. ??
everyone got to hear little girls h/b when we went in to see the dr and he measured my belly for the first time (though I didnt ask what he got *duh!*, guess I can do it myself).

I feel like half my tummy is gone already. when we ate I got a 3 mini burger plate (3 krystal like burgers with fries). I could barely eat 2 of the burgers and most of my fries. this could be good though, keeps me from stuffing myself like crazy! LOL!!

names: I have NO idea now!! LOL!! being faced with actually picking one now I'm like opening a door I've not gotten to visit in a LONG time! so I'll start pouring over my book and see what everyone brings up!
 we dont use more traditional names really (if you cant tell LOL!!) plus I'd like to avoid another "G" name since we have two (not counting me who gets called Gina most often). my mom wants me to use Mary, but I know to use it, I'll have to find a variation or combine it with something else (mari-faith?) so we'll see how that goes.
oh, my mom said she was just kidding about naming her Seven. LMBO! which is good cause that one was a no-go!

I also couldnt resist going through the little tub of stuff I'd been putting back through the yard sale season. dug out the few boys things I'd picked up and seen what kind of girl stuff I had. the box has stuff from preemie to 3T. not a bad start and that does include sleepers. I know I've got a few other things in the closet in Ks room, its a small tub like the one I went through, though it also has more boy stuff that I kept back from Garrett, so I'll get to sort those out to find someone to pass them on to!
gosh, its a GREAT thing its not yard sale season anymore cause I'd have a REALLY hard time being out tomorrow and not trying to find stuff!! ROFLOL!!

ok, my brain is quickly going to sleep cause I keep having to backspace and fix my typos! going to post and go to bed!

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