Wednesday, November 21, 2007

speaking of C, he brought home his progress report yesterday. I'm pretty
proud of him. remember at the first report he had 2 or 3 uber F's on
there (talking 20's and such) well, now he brought the math grade up
from a 24 to a 77 (still has another paper to get graded in that score
as well). the science I dont know about yet cause the teacher has been
going back and forth to China for adoption and the subs dont know how to
input the stuff on the puter. but from the website its a good passing
grade. he has 3 As (PE, ART and Real World Math) a B in Math Strategies
(its an 89, so almost an A) and in Social Studies, (and dont ask me why
there are 3 math classes-all taught by the same teacher in the same
period that give 3 seperate grades)
his only known F right now is in Language where he failed a test and is
missing 3 of his accelerated reader tests. he can still turn those in
though before the end of the quarter so hopefully with those the grade
will come up to a passing (its a 50 right now).

so all the kids are home for the long weekend. it'll be interesting
cause C likes to pick on everyone. makes me remember why I stuck him in

I'm going to get started on what I'm fixing for tomorrow today. on my
list is making the green bean mixture for the green bean casserole,
cooking up my sweet taters, making chocolate covered pretzels with nuts,
making two pies and boiling up a LOT of eggs for deviled eggs. but first
we have to go in town. *grrr* I didnt want to go in til friday. :P

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