Thursday, November 15, 2007

we had a good day today. got a call from Ruth (shelter lady) and she asked if I could keep Sonny as an outside kitty and I could come in and pick another cat at no charge. she was worried that they'd have to find him an outside home anyway, so asked if he could stay here.  which is fine, he's really a nice cat and really great with kids. he's been going to the box since Tuesdays phone call (I swear he understands people!) but there's always that 'when he chooses not to go' moment again.
I did let him go outside on his own today. all the cats (I have 6 outside) were fine with him except for Spongebob. he's our alpha male and is such a butt. we have one other male cat outside (the gay cat, remember?) and he's fine with him, but he was giving Sonny a hard time of course. Sonny ended up hanging out under the porch mostly but wouldnt come back in when I offered it to him. I went out tonight to find him cause its going to be in teh upper 20's and the other cats have nice thick fur coats, plus know the warm places and all stay huddled up like a big ol heard of sheep together, but he was on his own.  he finally came up and he's in tonight. I'll let him go back out tomorrow during the day.
So I'll pick up Thomas tomorrow. he's the BIG male Garfield type cat. I asked dh his opinion and he wanted him over the younger female mom has (that's so pretty) cause Thomas is very laid back and would most likely ignore the baby where a kitten would be more curious. very true.
(though dh was saying babies in that sentence)

took the kids to captain d's tonight for dinner since its kids night. they loved that of course and everyone got to fill up for $15, which is such a deal!

dh will be home tomorrow finally!

and funny Garrett stuff. over the past month or so, he's gotten very jealous of anyone else that loves on me. no matter who it is, dh, siblings, etc, he throws a FIT at them and tries to get them off me. we go through this every night when C is giving me kisses before bed. he'll come up and hug me and if I'm holding G, G will start pushing C's face away or batting at his arms around me (same for dh too LOL) and hollering up a storm! if I'm not holding him, he's at my legs, pushing the hugger away and hollering his displeasure.  sooooooooooo funny!

he also loves belly buttons. if he sees a shirt he can get to, he has to inspect for a belly button. C is his favorite candidate (can you tell who he plays with the most?) and tonight while exploring for a belly button, he gave C raspberries on the belly too.

and the other day when my mom and pop were picking up that old recliner to take away? OMGosh!! Garrett threw the AWFULLEST fit imaginable!! he was in a total hissy because they were taking that chair!!!!!!  we were all cracking up cause it was so hysterical/comical that he'd do that! I really wish I had a video camera for that one. you'd thought we'd told him he could never have a paci again!

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