Thursday, November 01, 2007

16 wk dr visit

finally able to sit again. had my dr appt this morning!
my stats go as follows: BP 115/64 (nurse was saying "that's kinda low, so if you feel light-headed...." to which I told her its actually kinda high for me.). heartrate was 105 (which is high, guess I'm running faster than norm this pg) and weight is up 5 lbs. so that's a 10 lb gain total so far. geez, no wonder I feel huge.

I got my blood work done. easy schmeasy, though I did ask if she needed a dozen vials.

got my next appt set up! Nov. 29 at 9:45 I'll get to see Itty Bitty!!
the dr. today was searching for IB and finally found them way down low hanging out. well, he kept getting two different h/b sounds! but they were close together (as in only about 2" apart) and he kept going back and forth between them with a funny look on his face. I said "need to pull out the u/s machine?" he laughed and said "nah, I'm not worried." (well poot!) I told my mom that and she was like "oh Lord, I dont know how I'd handle two!" ( I think that'd be me. LOL)

after that, stopped and finally got dh's car inspected and got his real tags, stopped for lunch and then back to moms. tried to take a nap as I was pooped at that point, but no go cause the kids kept waking me up for mundane things and then G woke up.

once we were back home, I started cleaning up the kitchen, mainly the floor, then got vacuuming done and finally the kids bathroom (double yuck ).
I think we'll just have soup/sandwiches tonight. dh said that's what he wants all next week to help with losing some of the weight he gained while out of town (they tend to eat out a lot) so I'll just start a bit early.

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