Monday, August 25, 2008

the weekend was good hence the reason I didnt get on here. let's see...
friday, we did our banking in town and errands. my mom and sdad went to Gatlinburg for the weekend, so I had to go to moms and take care of her kitties for her. also it was C and K's game at 5pm. they lost by one *boo*. they stopped and picked up some movies afterwards casue it was a 2 for $1 night. *woo!*
saturday morning was gavin's game, they lost by 3. they did get their pics taken that morning. it was way early, had to be there at 7:15, though they werent taken til about 7:30, then had a game at 8. afterwards we did our grocery getting so were home about lunch time.
oh, C also went to Holiday World that morning so dh had him at the church at 5:30. dh and I both ended up taking naps saturday
Saturday Sarina started with some sneezing, watery eyes and a bit of a runny nose too. no fever though. I thought it was a cold, but Sunday she was much improved and today she's fine. someone at church mentioned allergies so maybe that was it?
she's also been sleeping like POOP all this weekend. up every 2 hours all night long, except saturday when she was up every 3. woo. it doesnt make a difference if she takes a bottle or nurses, its all teh same. but when she takes a bottle, she's only drinking 3-4oz at most, never the 6 oz she was. I dont think its a growth spurt since she's not eating more, just more often. I'm thinking maybe she's just gotten herself in a habit of waking up like that. I hope we can get her out of that habit. :P

cute stuff though, she gets SO excited talking to herself in the mirror. I hold her up to it and say "Hi baby!" and she just squeals and shrieks so cute and tries to grab the baby she's always loved looking in the mirror, but now its like she's trying to communicate with her LOL

funny stuff from saturday. at the store, gavin told daddy he'd pulled the waist string out of his shorts. daddy, acting serious tells gavin "well, you're going to have to take your shorts off so we can put this back in." gavin says "take my shorts off?!" daddy:"yes, we'll have to work the string back through." so gavin goes and DROPS HIS SHORTS IN THE JUICE AISLE!!!!  I'm like "GAVIN! NOT NOW!"  and he jerks his shorts back up. LMBO!!! crazy kid!

today the kids went back to school to a bunch of RAIN! woo!!!
I got several loads of laundry done and even got my kitchen ceiling vacuumed (yes, I have those blown on type ceilings and they get dusty!), painted a couple of old water marks on the ceiling as well, did dishes, dealt with a very fiesty and unnapped Garrett all day and other shtuff.

tacos for dinner tonight *yum!* and gavin had a game tonight, lost that one as well. that makes 2 wins and 3 losses for his team. only 2 more games to go for him. C and K are supposed to have a game tomorrow night in place of a practice cause the opposing teams coach is going out of town this weekend (were supposed to have a game friday night). we'll see on that one, we've still not gotten a call yet.

me, I've started on a book finally. havent really read a book in quite a while. I dont get much time to actually read it, but I am doing it, which makes me happy.

oh, some funny K stories: she was telling me about some of the kids she goes to classes with today and we were giggling over some of the 6th graders with elmo and barney backpacks funny stuff (not meant in a mean way cause these kids weren't mentally challeneged, they just liked the ones they had LOL). I asked her if she liked a favorite teacher and she said yes, all of them!  so that's good!

gavin had a mishap at school cause a kid tripped over his feet in the lunch room by accident. oops! he didnt get in trouble, but had to go to the 'help center', I guess to make sure it wasnt done on purpose.

guess that's about it, dh is giving a 'chore lecture' so guess i need to be in on it.

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