Wednesday, August 20, 2008


my goodness its been a long day, but its been good.
I was up at 4:30 this morning to start the day (woke to pee and would have to be up by 5, so just stayed awake and nursed Sarina). we were out of here before 6, C and K already waking up from the noise.
made it fine to the doc office. we actually beat the staff into the lobby and had to wait for them to get in the boys enjoyed having the office to themselves though cause they could get a bit rowdy and not get in trouble.
Gavin checked out perfectly! he IS at 20/20 even from his surgeon's check, so he's been released from Vandy and next year before school can see his regular optometrist before school. Doc also said that if after a couple or so yearly checks, things are still great, we can even start skipping some yearly check ups! that's such awesome news!

so left there and went to dh's work so he could stop in and see them. the kids and I ended up waiting in the car for an hour men. at least Sarina was sleeping and Garrett was easily appeased with a cup of juice.

when we finally got to leave there, we headed up to teh ped's office. they got us in at good time and was basically told what I already knew. they dont know the reason for the rash. the NP said he had a red throat so she did a swab, JIC, but it came back fine. no fever, no ear problems, no respiratory problems, nothing. we went over foods he'd eaten, changing of the linens, new clothes washed, etc. nothing new or unexpected came up. *sigh* so I'm to just keep him on Benedryl every 6 hrs til it clears up and then continue for a couple days afterwards.
his legs actually look worse today than they had, but his back looks almost clear. so its not staying in the same places, its moving around. took this pic from the doc's office while we were waiting. both thighs basically look the same and he has welts all over his arms and a few on his face/ears and he has them on his front torso:

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