Monday, August 04, 2008

just hanging out right now. ms S wanted to eat all night again. I guess this is how she ups my supply
she took a shower with me last night! it was her usual cranky 'I'm ready for bed now' time and I'd not gotten my shower yet, so I put her in the mesh pouch and in we went. she loved it! not that I want to do that every night, but she'll get a bath more often that way and it'll keep her from being so cranky sometimes. she reminds me of Canaan with how much she loves the water. :)

went and picked up K and C at moms this morning (they stayed with her after going to church last night) and C helped dh mow the yard and K helped me clean up the house. I carried S in the MT while I worked, she konked out on me. she's big enough now that I can put her legs out to the sides. all you see is the top if a little red head and two slightly plump calves sticking out. ^_^

dh has his first PT today at 3:30. we're hoping he'll be back in time to make at least some of the open house with us (it doesnt start til 5:30, but we dont know hwo long he'll be in PT yet)


Anonymous said...

awww...she's so sweet!

Hope the kids enjoyed their first day of school.

Bekki said...

Hope things are going well for y'all! Thanks for sending everything back to me, I so appreciate it.