Wednesday, August 20, 2008


so another update.

yesterday after Garrett woke from his nap, he had a fever! aha! remember he hadnt when we were at the dr's office either, so it was just an onset thing. some tylenol and he cooled up and totally seemed normal the rest of the night. ate some of his dinner (chili dogs/hot dogs) and went to bed fine.
well, about midnight dh said he was calling out for me so he went in to check on him and he said he was hot and dh brought him out to the couch to sleep and give him some mroe tylenol. (I slightly remember him asking if he could get another dose at that time). a couple hours later, Garrett woke up getting sick all over the couch.
can I say that hotdogs are NASTY when puked up??? ugh!!! so my super sensitive mommy hearing heard when he was happening and I woke up and came in to check on him and dh. waht a mess. :P he was hot still and a little crying mess poor guy (Garrett, not dh).
dh took the couch coushins outside while I sat with G and got his dirty pjs off and got him wiped down.
after getting a clean spot on the couch, towels laid down too, we brought him back in, only to have him get sick again. so back to the bathroom and another towel tossed outside.
after that, Sarina was waking up and fussing, so I had to go to her since dh cant do anythign with her when she's hungry.
so I went back to bed adn dh stayed up with Garrett. I told him to watch him for at least 20 minutes cause that's how it usually cycles.
I prayed hard for him when I got back in bed, along with prayers for the rest of the house that this stuff would be gone from here!
dh got G back to bed about 30 minutes later (G never got sick again!) and they slept through the rest of the morning.

kids got off to school fine today.

after G woke, I gave him more tylenol and a new dose of benedryl. the spots/welts are mostly gone, just a few places from the worst areas are left now. so I'm thinking that he picked up whatever C had on Sunday (he was just a bit achy/tired and didnt feel good) and it just effected Garrett totally different. I'm thinking the rash was it showing up and hte fever/sickies are the ending. I'll keep him on the tylenol/benedryl as needed til its all gone and just go from there. the timing would be right cause the rash started Sunday afternoon, about a day after C started feeling puny.

G is napping on the couch now. he's had some juice today (watered down and only about a 1/2 cup each time) but he's kept it all down. he was super whiney this morning and I pretty much kept him in the bathroom since he'd not tell me what was wrong, but he did fine.
it does look like he has a bug bite on the top of his foot? it was scratching at it this morning and it got red and a bit swollen so I cleaned it up and put anti-itching cream on it and he stopped messing with it. it could also just be a left over welt that he decided to mess with and it got to bothering him. ??
that boy keeps me on my toes!

OMGOSH! Sarina just rolled onto her belly!!!! how cool!!!! and she's so proud of herself!

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