Wednesday, August 20, 2008


so G's rash is back as bad as ever as of this afternoon. he's not eaten anything all day til this evening when he had a few crackers. otherwise he's just been taking in juice. he did play for a bit tonight, but is already laying down resting on the couch. I just HATE that I cant fix it! is the rash just from the germ in his body? is it something worse? what???!
plus H started in w/ the fever today and got sick once this evening. ugh, I hate sickness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
H has no rash tho, nobody else does.

Gavin and I worked on his homework tonight. man, he had a lot! we got him caught up tho. also found he gets free lunch/breakfast!!  I've been making his lunch to take since school started, but C and K have been buying their lunch, which is $2 a day. I'm expecting them to get their statements saying they'll get free lunch as well, hopefully before this week is out. that'll help a TON on saving money right now!

well, S is getting fussy and I've gotta change a diaper she just messed up. BBL!

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