Wednesday, August 20, 2008


he woke up much better today, still a few raised places on his lower buttocks (funny word), but then after his nap again he had more! so I'm going to change his pillow case, I just put it on there a couple nights ago, though dont know what about it would cause him to break out like this.
I told dh that I'd like to stop by the peds office after gavin's doc appt tomorrow to have a quick check if he still has signs of it.
dh's PT went really well! he's at 75% mobility, but they wont let him go farther w/o the doc's consent, so wednesday when he goes in, he gets to see the doc again.
as I said, gavin's eye appt is tomorrow, I think this is his last follow up to surgery. we'll drop him off at school when we get back in town (to which he said "what?!")

my mom hurt her back by falling on the steps down their back porch sunday evening, so she's hurting. went to our chiropractor today and will go back tomorrow at 2:30, but she's still keeping Hunter at her house for us tonight so we can take the Ford instead of teh Suburban tomorrow.

I got a ton of stuff done today, though the day seemed to fly by! its amazing how much a person can get done when kids are at school! I'm totally impressed by it! LOL

Sarina was wanting to play at 4:30 this morning. *yawn* due to the fact she slept way too much before bed. will try not to repeat that one tonight! we have to get up early cause the appt is at 8 am and we'll be beating Nashville traffic!

hmmm... I'm sure there's more... we had a good weekend, mostly just hanging out family-like. oh, got to try our pickles teh first time today and YUM, they're good!!!

the kids still like school! its' funny how excited I get when I know its time for the bus to bring them home. but its nice that they can get the work from somewhere else and I can just help with teh homework. takes such a big load off me with just Hunter to work with! he got to play on some phonics software today since I've yet to actually organize his curriculum.

ok, must go, Sarina is getting tired and I still need to shower. I'll try to catch up thsi week!

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