Wednesday, August 20, 2008


logging on late right now. I actually got on here a couple hours ago, but forgot in all the goings on and just got back
my dad came in today and met us all in the city and took us to the mall to do some shopping for the school kids! gavin got two new shirts from Gymboree (a polo and a button down) and Sarina got a 2 pack of lamb socks :D
he got gavin and hunter gameboy games (2 for $10), C a PSP game he's been wanting for a long time too (said he didnt want any shorts and stuff) and K got a new shirt and a zip up hoodie for fall and a pair of sketchers sandals on sale. everything was on sale that we got. *woo!*
I also found myself a shirt on sale at JCP, but got the wrong size so will ahve to take it back. :P
then he took us to ryan's for lunch soooooooo full! LOL!
soccer was cancelled for today cause of the heat, so we all came to the house to hang out. C went to his cousin's birthday tonight and I worked on paperwork for K to take back to school tomorrow.
plus making sure everyone has their school supplies sorted, clothes picked out, gavin a haircut.
its been hectic today, really!
garrett has been a pill ALL day. I was SO glad to see bedtime (or close enough to it) come around and put his butt to bed!
last night was good for the open house as well. K has friends in all her classes except one (and I expect her to make some there ) and her homeroom teacher is really nice (since she worked with K to get her a top locker like she wanted).
C likes his teachers too and dh really likes his history teacher since he's a hands-on type teacher. (dh loves history)

tomorrow morning will be hectic getting everyone off to school. it'll be quiet here too after they head off. plus dh will be leaving about lunch to go to PT (gosh, gotta update that one too!). I never did get the pickling stuff, so dont guess any pickles tomorrow unless dh picks up the stuff for me when he's in town.

dh's PT: it went great! he was actually able to do more than they had hoped! he was only supposed to have 10% mobility and he has 30% they're more than pleased (and very surprised)

oh, dad brought my new printer today too and I'm so wanting to try it out! nothing to print yet though. I'm sure I can find something soon though!

another oh, we've not gotten any mail since friday here. :hmmm: we have a new postal carrier so I think they're goofing up somewhere since we *may* go one day without mail, but 3? no! I've already talked to the postmaster and will call back in the morning since no mail was delivered today either. dh's check will be coming in either tomorrow or thursday and I want to knwo it'll be in our box!!!!

ok, I think that's all that's gone on here... I think. LOL!
I'll try to pop on tomorrow after things calm down.

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