Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sarina 4 m checkup

today went well. got there in time and even got to listen to some radio before going in and S was quiet the whole ride (always a plus)!

so Ms. Sarina did grow like I said! she's 15.6 lbs and 26", HC 16.25"! she chunked up a heck of a lot this last month! but she's still the smallest of all the babies at this age by about 1.5 lbs.
she was quite upset with her shots, but fell asleep pretty quick with some bb and Tylenol.
after leaving there we stopped at Wal-Mart for dipes for G and she had a blowout I had to change (clothes and all).
Katlyn called me while I was there cause her head was hurting and she wanted me to pick her up. she's resting, no fever, just a headache. I figure its the same thing C had. :P
Garrett's glands look better and he's eating things for us, though still a slight fever.
C and Gav should be home in about 15 minutes and then dh will be taking them to practice. K gets to stay in and rest today.

my wrist has been hurting the last couple of days again so I'm back in the brace. I think its cause of my weight. I've really got to get my butt in gear and get rid of some of this stuff.

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