Wednesday, August 20, 2008


morning! guess what? school's cancelled today! we were waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus and at 20 after 7 I called and was told the water was out in the school (middle school?) and so no school today. said they didnt know til people started arriving at school this morning. totally messes up my day plans LOL!
so Gavin says "I'm free!" so the kids are settling in for a normal day today and daddy and I will flip our plans around to accomodate. ;)

yesterday went really well for them. I have pics to share too of course and they were all smiles getting off the bus. the only thing that seems confusing is what in the world Gavin did with his whole box of 24 pencils! course they each have his name on them, so they'll be easy to spot wherever they are, but still.

and I got a ton of stuff done yesterday!
cleaned the boys closet
cleaned the kitchen
sorted clothes
time on here

plus dh left about 12 for PT so it was just the 3 youngest and I. went really well!

already have the dishes going today and folded laundry taht was in the dryer. need to do a load of boys clothes and get them to clean their bathroom. Sarina just woke up (she was only up to eat twice last night after goign to bed at 9. 1 and 5am)

pics will be next!

oh, we DID get our mail yesterday! when I'd talked to the postmaster, she was totally on my side and I could tell she'd been upset with the mail carrier. someone got in trouble!!!

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