Wednesday, August 20, 2008


we found our mail! its been taken to our neighbors who live before us.  how HARD is it to read the BIG numbers we have on BOTH sides of our mailbox??? I mean REALLY!! so I went down today and painted them on the door of the mailbox and painted our name on the side the mail carrier sees. I think we have a moron for a driver now. great.

the 'get the kids to school' morning went great, though I'm really wishing I could see what they were all doing right now. poor K was so excited, she woke at 4:30 this morning! LOL! she's going to be so tired by thsi evening! they dont catch the bus til 6:50 and they were all out there by 6:40.
I'm eager to hear how today goes for all of them

dh is off mowing the yard at FIL's house so its just the youngest 3 and me here.

I've already gone through the boys toybox and gotten a bunch of stuff out to take to a new preschool teacher at church. figured someone can use it and it's not me!

oh, and wanna talk about a growth spurt? with all the eating Sarina's been doing thsi last week (she finally slept normally last night, so I think we're through it) she's now up to at least 13.5 lbs and 26" long! when she went in a couple weeks ago for her WIC check she was just 12.8 and 24.5" (or maybe 24.25"), so that's a huge jump! LOL! still well behind the other kids in the weight dept right now, but has caught up on length almost.

her fav activities these day? doing the curly shuffle on the floor (going round and round in circles), trying to roll T-B, chewing on all her clothes she can get to her mouth, including her hands and stuff and any toys she grabs, getting a little handfull of hair on the crown of her head, laughing out loud to any tummy tickles and knee tickles,'standing' with help as much as possible and 'talking' to us.

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