Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pt and school update

dh's PT went well. he was able to do 90% mobility, but the dr is stopping him there for the next few weeks. he only goes once next week again. the doc was also rather ticked that the workman's comp place is asking dh about going back to work already! dh said he actually cussed about it. doc has dh on total disability til 9-29 and doc said that as of right now, he'll leave it up to dh as to when he wants to go back after that. no pushing, no prodding
dh did work in the yard monday and was pretty worn out from it. besides the knee itself, the leg muscles just arent up to par and cant do as much work as his other leg. it all aggravates him, but he knows its part of it and that it'll take more time.

no homework tonight, thank goodness! oh, Gavin told me his homeroom teacher said he was becoming one of her hard workers! :D
and yesterday, a funny thing, when I picked up K from school, her homeroom teacher came to the office to see me. she said 'dont worry, she's doing fine! I just wanted to know if she's liking it ok cause she never says anything!' I told her I'd warned her that K was quiet LOL so I made her feel better by telling her how K always talks excitedly about her classes and teachers. I told dh about that and he about peed his pants he laughed so hard
C has about 4 teachers he's liking so far. his history teacher is his favorite cause he's so cool and hands-on. he even plays rock-n-roll in the class

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