Friday, June 29, 2007

soccer mom starts again!

soccer practice went well. it rained the whole entire time we were there.  and yes, they practiced in the rain. it was a slow steady rain, no lightening (except one flash I seen when we first got there) and no thunder. I did take my chair and umbrella though, thank goodness, but of course C and K were soaked to the bone afterwards.
The coach complimented Katlyn on her 'inner right kick' (?) saying she was really good at it. said he didnt expect any of the kids to know it, but she was really good and to keep it up!  there's mostly girls too (2 kids didnt show, total of 10 team members and 3 today were boys) and it looks like she already picked up at least one friend today.  plus in really good news, my good friend who lives up the road (but stays so dang busy) has her oldest son on the team with us!  so I'll get in a bunch of blabbing time it seems!

took the kids to taco bell afterwards. we were all freezing though cause of being wet.  then got some gas in the little car (drove dh's little ford focus), then to walmart for burritos and cat food and piddled around for a while. tried to find K some black shorts, but could NOT find any in her size.  even checked the boys department. so we went to dollar store and got her some cotton ones we found.

then to moms to get the 3 youngest.

it was bed time when we got home, so C and K grabbed quick showers and everyone is sleeping now. G was more than ready to pass out for me!

tomorrow I guess I'll go to sams. nothing else to do but hang out here. :P I get so bored when dh isnt here. even if we hang out at the house it doesnt feel as boring if he's here! 

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