Wednesday, June 20, 2007

yesterdays news.. year check up and all that stuff :)

its been a good day. we got some much needed rain again! but its supposed to trail out til a small chance this weekend.
mom took gavin, H and K with her today so it was just C, G and I to the dr.
uneventful appt. everything looks good. he toddled around the waiting room and exam room, impressing the dr. then showed his silliness by crawling into the wall and repeatedly bopping his head.
the funniest thing was him discovering the dr's chair. oooooooooooooo! it moves! he'd been having a great time pushing it around the room until the dr came in and sat on it.
he walked to me for some 'shy time' (which lasted about 30 seconds) then he walked over to the chair, plopped down and started pushing her around! it freaked her out (he shook her back and forth about 2 inches both ways several times. she's not a small woman either, about 6' and not thinly built). she exclaimed he was a 'strong boy!' and then planted her feet really well to keep him from moving her.
... which really ticked him off and set him off hollering and turning red trying to move the chair again. she asked if he was trying to poop! LMBO!!! (funny how that got her an 'are you nuts, cant you tell I'm mad' kind of look from G )
he only got 2 vacs. we passed on the Hep A, didnt see the need.
she said he's doing great with his vocab (he says Mama, Dada, Bubba, Kiki, UhOh and Awwwwwwww and today started saying Gone) and he recognizes people/words but doesnt point, but will look at the person/thing you mention (like the kitty, ball, mama, turns when you say his name, etc.)

his stats are 32 1/2" long, 23.7 lbs and 18.5" head. (height over 95%, weight 60ish%) I'm thinking their scales are a bit off though.  he'll be seeing a local dr next week and I'll see what they weigh him at and will do an average of both weights to log in his baby book for his official one year weight (I'm so anal about correct numbers LOL!). I just dont see that he's the lightest of all 5 kids (by over a pound). plus the last time we were there, they put him on the scales twice and got two different readings (its a digital scale), and there was about a 2 lb difference between their scales and the ones at the local dr. so we'll see what the difference is in that. of course he feels like 50 lbs when carrying.

I had to take back one of his 24m birthday outfits to walmart today. it had no growing room at all! and of course the 24m was the biggest size they sold in that style :( (a baseball outfit), so I found some snack bowls and will hold the rest to put towards the new stroller I'm still searching for! (unless I find something else he needs before then. hehe)

speaking of the climbing monkey, I'm going to have to lower his bed all the way down. the crib has about 7 levels and I put it down to like 2 up from the bottom back when I first lowered the mattress. well, when I got him the other morning, he was trying his darndest to hold on to the rail in the corner and push up with his feet on the adjoining corner rails to get up and over! he had some of his upper body up on the railing when I walked in! its either that or make him wear socks to bed so he cant get traction!

C had award presentations tonight after the last tourney game.
he got picked for All Stars again! and the best news is that it'll be held in the next town (basically a local tourney) so no big driving or hotel fees!! WOO!!) but the 'bleh' news is all the dang practices. starting tomorrow its every day (maybe not sunday, I hope) for at least 2 hrs each day, if not more. dh can at least bring him home, but I'll have to drop him off. their first games will be July 8, 9, 10, 11.
C was very glad to be picked for it again, he was the 3rd pick out of 13!

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