Wednesday, June 27, 2007

zoom zoom!

in happy normal news:
garrett is so wired tonight! just in the 2 hrs that daddy and C were
gone, he's pulled a ton of books off the kids shelves, pulled out my box
of lids (3x's), got in the trash several times (til I turned it
backwards and he couldnt figure how to open it), pulled games off the
entertainment shelf, climbed the couch and wallered all over it, tried
to get on *top * of the couch (and was only a few inches shy when I
grabbed my cam and he flopped down), pulled out the puzzles by the
couch, turned the tv off/on about 7 times (and got in trouble each time
to which he laughed... little booger), played in the game systems,
played tag with gav and H around the living room, ate again and had
another sippy, pulled the keyboard and mouse off the kids desk, knocked
over a kitchen chair, been all over the house wherever the boys went to
and he's not stopping yet! he's in there bugging C for the remote right
now. that boy needs his plug pulled! LOL!!

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