Thursday, July 05, 2007

practice and a big 5 Birthday tomorrow!

practices went well tonight. it was super hot when C started his, but an hour later when K started the clouds had moved in and so did the breeze and it was a nice day to be out (finally!). K got kicked in the knee and jabbed in the side today, but came through fine (other than complaining about boys in general LOL! ).

C has to be at practice at 9 am. I swear this coach doesnt work on fridays. so I'm getting all my bills done tonight and my grocery list as well. I'll just take the paper in with me in the morning.

dh will be coming home tomorrow!! FINALLY!! we've missed him!!!

not sure what we'll be doing for H's bday. we may get him a spiderman cake/cupcakes or just bake some. not even sure what I'm getting him (isnt that sad??) he's liking transformers again (of course) so maybe I'll find an indestructible one to get he got a bday card from the church today and he was feeling mighty special! so while I'm not busy:

to our little rowdy rough-house Hunter Gabriel Mackenzie, who doesnt seem to know his name unless I use at least 2 when calling him! We love you so much and you never cease to keep us on our toes!

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Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday Hunter!