Saturday, June 09, 2007

almost here!

ok, the only things left on my list are to:
frost the cakes
wrap the gifts
make dirt cups

I'll be getting pics of everything tomorrow as I can. we'll have plenty of food for everyone and they better all come hungry! LOL!!
I patted out about 18 burgers today, skewered about 20 kabobs tonight (some all shrimp, some shrimp/chicken/pineapple), got the ranch dip made, sliced the kiwi (4 lbs worth!), 2 lbs of strawberries, and have 2 lbs of grape tomatoes and also red seedless grapes and a pound of cubed sharp cheddar cheese.
plus we'll have tater salad, chips/crackers, hot dogs, little smokies, bratz and of course cake and ice cream!

got the gift bags made up today, hope the other 2 girls that katlyn invited get to come. (they said they would).

katlyn, cousin heather and friend dana are here tonight, along with G. the other boys stayed wtih my mom (woo!). the girls are still awake, but they'll be going to bed when I'm done with this. I'd told them they could stay up as long as they wanted, as long as they were quiet... well, dana is one that cant keep quiet. :-D I can hear her all the way in here at my desk, so they'll have to call it a night to make sure the baby sleeps. (the girls are camping out in the boys room and G is in his bed).

I'm really excited about tomorrow. I think I'll start on the cakes first thing (well, may do the other 2 things first, we'll see...) but it looks like it should go pretty easy tomorrow.
all this working my butt off should pay off!

oh, big G news! he's cutting another tooth! its his bottom left canine. go figure! he'll have a big gap between his two bottom teeth and that one. a little vampire. the other side isnt showing like the left is, so he'll be crooked for a while too. cute!

AND he's got a new tantrum he does. he gets mad, flops down on his butt and proceeds to push himself around with his feet in circles until he flops on the floor! I call it his Curly Shuffle. we all crack up watching him do it and dh says I need to get it on video (which I will!)

ok, off to shoo some girls to bed and hit the sack myself! *yawn!!*
see ya'll on the flip side!

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