Wednesday, June 27, 2007

just everyday normal stuff

my FIL came in last night. he's leaving out today after he gets some
business done in town to go to Ohio. Katlyn went in with him.
My mom is coming to watch the boys today while C and I take Garrett to
the HD. I'll also go pay off one bill and smack a big payment on another
while in town.
oh, my A/C in the van has been working great lately! I'm hoping all it
needed was a recharge in freon (?) to make it work well. I really don't
want to have to take it in for them to work on it all day to find a
leak. it costs more for the labor than anything. :P
dh goes out of town on Thursday til mid next week. *pout* but it'll be
good money, so I cant complain too much. I think we'll make a trip to
see my Sis during that time to relieve some boredom.
Canaan is out mowing the yard this morning! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank
God for rain so he can get that ugly stuff mowed off!!!

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