Monday, June 25, 2007

kids are SO funny!

so just put G down a bit ago. think I'll try to hit the hay earlier tonight cause my eyeballs feel like they need it.

had a FUNNY Hunter comment though. tonight while fixing dinner, he was helping me with the taters. he'd count them while I peeled ("I took one away, how many do you have left?") and finally after all were done and I'd sliced them up, I told him "Now I'll cook them and we can eat those boogers!" to which he replied "no, just the taters." TOO funny!!!

and tonight G filled his diaper with stinktacular stink again and K and Gavin were sure it was Hunter. they came running to me saying "Hunter's underwear stinks!" "he's got dirty pants!" and poor Hunter is looking perplexed cause he's not even been to the potty in the past while. so I ask him "is your underwear dirty?" he shakes his head no and says "no, they're still clean." well, G toddles up to me then and yeah, there's the skunk in the house!  so I pick him up to go change him and K and G1 are whooping it up in the living room about how Hunter stinks. so I tell them its the baby, not hunter. ...
after changing him I come back out and get ready to fold some laundry. the kids are still whooping it up in the living room, saying the carpet stinks, the couch stinks and everything. (turns out G scrubbed some of the poopy smell into the carpets  :-D ) so gavin, being the investigative person he is, sticks his nose in the carpet and proclaims in a great theatrics "ITS A TERD!!!!!!!!!!" to which sets off a whole 30 minute chase around the living room of It. the IT being the one that "smelled" like a terd! they were laughing so hard they wore themselves out!  course Garrett just sat/stood and watched it all, amazed at them all. LOL!!

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